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Artist Reviews - Jason NevinsJason
Unless you’ve been living on Pluto for the last decade, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Jason Nevins. A talented Producer, Remixer and DJ, Jason’s name became ubiquitous with the release of his remix of Run DMC’s “It’s Like That” in 1998. Way before his impressive hit, Jason had been enjoying a long and illustrious relationship with music – not just making it, but being passionate about his love for it too. “I’ve always been into various types of music” he explains. “Not just dance music but everything from 70′s mellow tunes to 80′s pop, tons of classic rock… and everything in between.”

Complextro & Electro House for SpireAbout Complextro & Electro House for Spire
Excellent noisy, dirty, hard sounds for Spire. These sound different than many big synths on the market. Whether its the way the synth was designed or the way the programmer tweak these sounds- it doesnt matter to me, because they are simply amazing. For example- the feel/ texture of these sounds are different than whats in Nex%$ or Sylen*&, 2 of the other greatest synths/ romplers out there. With sound sets like this, it puts Spire in the same category…The quality of the sound that comes from the Spire is very thick and full of body. Great variety in sounds- this is an excellent set for an excellent synth. Rating: 10/10

CFA-Sound - Spire Evolution - Spire Presets Vol.1About CFA-Sound – Spire Evolution Vol.1
Great soundset from Resonance Audio for the Spire synth. Loads of big room/ festival sounds. This is a basic yet pretty good synth- having a soundset like this turns it into a great synth. The basses in this set are so thick and loud you have to use a brickwall limiter so you dont into the red! Rating: 8/10

CFA-Sound - Massive Electro House ToolsAbout CFA-Sound – Massive Electro House Tools
Great job from CFA Sound & Resonance Sound. Great sounds for any EDM project. Having the MIDI construction kits are amazing because you can really get a feel of what each of the sounds can do. You can either use the construction kit as a starting point- or take it in your own direction. The kits also make it easy to use each sound individually in other tracks because you now know what each sound can produce. All the sounds in this pack range from the mild to super hard. NI’s Massive is a great synth but having these essential presets make it even better. Rating: 9/10

CFA-Sound - Massive Complextro Tools WAV Edition - complextro samplesAbout CFA-Sound – Massive Complextro Tools WAV Edition
You get 7 synth ONLY construction kits in this pack along with a folder of one shot synth sounds. There are NO drums in this pack- only synth loops. Everything is split very carefully- which is cool so you can edit and change around all parts. They provide a complete bass loop as well as multiple stems that make up each full loop. They also provide dry and wet versions of the synths, making it easy for editing. This proabably should have been called ‘Massive Complextro Synths’ instead of ‘Tools’ becuase everything in this are synths but they did a great job with it! Rating: 8/10

Audio Boutique - Big Room ElementsAbout Audio Boutique – Big Room Elements
A very comprehensive set from Resonance Sound ! They dont skimp on this one ! You get everything you need and more to create big room EDM tracks. Tons of clap loops, cymbal loops, kick loops, percussion and top loops. You also get fills, hits, risers and vocals. One main part of this set are the “Themes”. The Themes are basically song starters- but with a lot more…you get the midi files, starts & ends as well as the Sylenth presets from which they made the sounds. This is an excellent set- well worth the money. Rating: 10/10

Swen Weber - Electromatic 2About Swen Weber – Electromatic 2
Amazing loopset from Swen Weber- one of his best yet. Really clean and tight loops with a mainroom electro/ Swedish sound. I would have loved Apple Loops to be available- but well worth it as is. You get bass loops, kick loops, lead loops, full mixed loops, top loops & some vocal loops. The main body of this set are the bass loops and synth loops, which are excellent. Loads of inspiration and lots to create from.
Rating: 9/10

CFA-Sound - Massive Complextro ToolsAbout CFA-Sound – Massive Complextro Tools
For complextro bass sounds- its hard to find much better than this. The bass sounds are hard as HELL ! Mostly already arpeggiated- which is amazing, these sounds are straight up complextro or dubstep. Either way- they sound perfect. The leads are ok, but the fx sounds and bass sounds are what you are buying this for. Great job by CFA !! Rating: 10/10

Swen Weber - ElectromaticAbout Swen Weber – Electromatic
Awesome set of electro club elements. Pounding kick drums, crisp percussive loops, crunchy bass loops and tight synth loops make this a well rounded package. The vocal loops really cool, cut-up bits you can definitely fit into any cool club record. The synth loops are a combination of bleepy sounds with full on synth riffs. My favorites are the kicks, toploops & bass sounds. The midi & sampler patches are a great addition to the .wav files. Rating: 9/10

SOR - Kick Free Revolution Vol.1About SOR – Kick Free Revolution Vol.1
The minute I got my hands on the SOR series – I put the sounds & loops to work in all my productions and big name remixes.