Artist Reviews – Paul Mendez

RW Paul Mendez 202Paul
“I’m not trying to be Underground , credible or Commercial,” I’m creating music that i feel and love & hope everyone else feels it to. It’s very easy to produce or DJ in 1 style as it has a formula that to be honest can be boring, i don’t believe in holding back because you have been told to create a certain sound or you have to stick with a certain genre, who made up these rules?, I’m trying to be innovative and always forward thinking in my productions and more importantly in my live DJ shows.” This explains why Paul has sold hundreds of Thousands of records worldwide in 35 territories in 6 different genre’s under many guises from Trance to House, Rock and Chillout.

Resonance Sound - EDM MIDI Weapons 2.0About Resonance Sound – EDM MIDI Weapons 2.0
i admit i have been working a lot with Audio lately and i really needed a kick up the backside to start using my vst’s, this pack is very good as it gives you fresh sounding ideas that sound very much like today’s edm tracks and with it being midi it allows you to basically re-arrange and create your own chord structure which i like doing to try and stay original. Rating 9/10

CFA-Sound - Massive Complextro Tools WAV Edition - complextro samplesAbout CFA-Sound Massive Complextro Tools WAV Edition
awesome quality for big room EDM tracks that sound like Hardwell meets Steve aoki in a dark room and the outcome is this pack. you could literally make 5 high calibre tracks and with a bit of intuition and production quality a few top 10 hits. what are you waiting for? Rating 8/10

Audio Boutique - Big Room ElementsAbout Audio Boutique – Big Room Elements
think Will I am versus Bingo players and you will have the perfect pack here in big room elements as all the signature leads and bass lines are present.this pack makes it easy to create a track that if produced to a high standard could well be in the sets of some major djs soon. Rating: 7/10