Resonance Sound - Label Focus: Audio Boutique

Nov 14

Label Focus: Audio Boutique

Welcome to the first part of our Label Focus series where you can get a closer look behind the scenes, that is, the Resonance Sound labels. We kick it off with introducing the two masterminds behind Audio Boutique: Ramon Zenker, one of the most experienced German producers known in EDM scene for two decades, and Harald Aufmuth, clearly one of the new bright stars at the Minimal & Deep Techno horizon with his productions released on BluFin, Trapez, Micro.fon, and Leftroom. Producing sample packs together since 2009, we sat down with the two of them to ask a couple of questions – enjoy!

Q: Allright, why don’t you quickly introduce yourselves? How come you started creating sample packs?

Ramon Zenker: I’m into music production for quite some time and wondered every now and then whether it’s a good idea to compile all those sounds, maybe remix them using tons of effects – but I was afraid of the enumerous hours I’d probably need to spend in order to make it a good product in the end. However, things rapidly changed when I met Harald and realized that he’s pretty much a sound’n'sample tinkerer just like me. That’s from where we took off, I guess.

Q: Could you shed some light on how a new sample pack evolves? How do you distribute the different steps of many hours of work?

Ramon Zenker: Actually both of us are doing everything to a similar extent – it’s impossible to say who did a bit more of creating completely new samples, or loop cutting, or simply proper labeling… We like to consider us as equally skilled and committed to the work – after all that’s what makes up a good team, right?

Q: Could you name a couple of favorite spices you’re using, your favorite processing and effect tools, that is?

Harald Aufmuth: To make it short: they’re simply to many to name them all. Just to reveal a few: Camel Phat Filter, Camel Space, SPL Dynamaxx and TLAudio EQ1.

Ramon Zenker: While designing new sounds, I love to try everything new in terms of synthesizers and plugins, right next to digging in my “archive” to re-discover oldies – so honestly I don’t use a single plugin more than once or twice in a row. When finalizing a sound however, I do have a favorite EQ, compressor and the like. In my case thats a lot of URS, the Logic compressor or hardware such as Urei 1176/1178, Distressor or ADT-Desk-EQs.

Q: Your life doesn’t consist of music only, does it? How about some other hobbies?

Ramon Zenker: Soccer and Cosmology.

Harald Aufmuth: Soccer, Running, Movies and some Playstation sessions (FIFA).

Q: Like to tease some upcoming stuff of yours?

Ramon Zenker: Since we’re mainly music producers, time is short when it comes to creating sample packs. Still, we do hope to finish one or two new products with some quite inspiring and banging stuff as usual!

Q: Thank you for taking your time to chat with us!

We hope you enjoyed the insides Audio Boutique shared. Find out more about Audio Boutique products on their label page and on Facebook.

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