About Resonance Sound

The new label RESONANCE SOUND is managed by the award-winning sound design companies SOUNDS OF REVOLUTION (SOR) and CFA-SOUND.

Oliver Schmitt (SOR) and Martin Breuhahn (CFA) came together to combine their knowledge for creating the most up-to-date sample packs, soundsets and virtual instruments. Besides that starting from now also their own labels will be distributed by RESONANCE SOUND.

Already for years it’s been their passion to explore all kinds of electronic dance music. If you feel just the same and need sonic quality without any compromises – this is the place to keep on your radar!

Got any questions about their work, or about sampling/sound design in general? They truly care about your musical needs.

Feel free to contact them under www.resonance-sound.com/contact


About - Sounds of Revolution

In search of the latest and greatest sounds of tomorrow, Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution (SOR) works hard to make the slogan “Quality made in Germany” shine. Nowadays mostly known for his high-end sample series, it’s probably safe to say that enumerous musicians worldwide already got the special SOR touch on their harddrives, ready to be infused into the latest dancefloor smashers. But don’t you get it wrong: synthesizer patches and some intriguing upcoming projects are just as much worth a try!

Besides this shameless self-advertising, Sounds of Revolution mastermind Oliver doesn’t fear critical public feedback: be it press articles, reviews by the “heavyweights of music business” or discussion platforms on the web – SOR has come a long and hard-earned way to meet your every need as a producer of electronic music, regardless of the subgenre preferred, and keeps on working hard to become even better. So take a look, have a listen – get infected, feel inspired – Sounds of Revolution are coming up!

For more information check out his interviews.

About - CFA-Sound

In late 2008, the german sound designer Martin Breuhahn founded CFA-Sound. Following first soundset releases on Vengeance-Sound and Sounds of Revolution, this step opened the doors for estabalishing his very own sound and style.

While first taking care of all kinds of modern dance music by delivering soundsets for various synthesizers and plugins, he continuously expanded his concept to sample collections and self-programmed plugins – sticking to his slogan “discover the sound of tomorrow”: by being just the special bit different from “bread & butter” sound design.

Next to the own products, CFA-Sound is active in sounddesign for well-known companies like Camel Audio and MOTU.

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