Piracy is arguably the biggest threat to the software and music industries. There are countless illegal websites that make money offering free copyrighted material. It is illegal to redistribute, copy or sell our sample products in any way. You can find our complete license conditions here.

Many people do not suspect the massive damage caused by product piracy. This not only reduces the income and thus the survival of all artists involved, but also takes a lot of motivation away from each artist to continue their creative work. Just ask yourself how you would feel if someone steals your own creative property and part of your salary.

    How to report illegal piracy of Resonance Sound products?
    It is very important to us to protect the copyrights of the products we offer. We are working with Tracksaur, a state-of-the-art company that specializes in effectively reducing illegal downloads. Please help us protect the industry by reporting any illegal links you find here: Tracksaur contact page or contact us directly through the contact formular on the right side of this page.

    You can enter the details of any illegal download sites found. These are then examined by our partner Tracksaur.

    We thank you very much for your support in protecting the rights of our estimated artists and producers.

    If you believe that you own the copyright or other rights to materials that appear on Resonance Sound and / or that the copyright or other rights to materials have been misused or displayed on Resonance Sound, please contact us also immediately.