…and earn money on your website, blog, or youtube channel. Our affiliate program is free to join for everyone, who has a music-related audience. It requires no technical knowledge and is easy to set up in less than some minutes.


Explore our product catalog, to find the right sounds and samples for your audience.


Create promotion links to our products, and share them on your website, blog or youtube channel.


Earn commissions with sales generated through your referral links.


Once you sign up to our affiliate registration form and get approved (of course we need to check if your audience fits our product catalog), you gain access to your control panel. From where you can easily create referral links with your unique affiliate ID. In the control panel, you can also find extra promotion graphics in the common banner sizes.

Every time a visitor comes to our shop through your link, he gets a cookie which will last for 7 days. If he doesn`t buy something during the visit but comes back later to do a purchase, you still get the commission for the sale.

  • 25% Commission rate
  • A high variety of products
  • Promotion banners available
  • We will review and approve the generated sales
  • You will receive commission payouts quarterly
  • The minimum payout is 25 €

As an example, your personal referral link will look like this:

“?ref=” marks the affiliate tag
“0000” in that case marks your affiliate ID.

You can also use link shortener tools like Bitly to make your referral links more compact (which can be useful for posts on social media).


Your website or blog
Add banners in visible places on your website or blog. You can also add your referral link in the footer as a recommendation or alternative, write a review about one of our products – but then please be sincere to the audience with your opinion.

Your youtube and social media channels
Share the link on your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. Add the link on the description of your videos on youtube.

Your favorite audio and music production forums
If you`re an active member of an audio or music production forum, you can use the link (if the forum guidelines allow it) to recommend our products in a fitting topic or in your signature. But please don`t spam it.

Emailing your audience and friends
Maybe you have your own newsletter for your audience, feel free to mention us there with your referral link.

promotion banner of resonance sound products

If you may still have some questions left,
feel free to contact us directly.