The easiest way, to load presets into your Novation Peak Synthesizer will be the “Components” utility, provided by Novation themselfes. You can access the Components software as part of your downloadable content, for register your Peak synthesizer. It`s available on

software utility

Make sure the Peak is connected via USB to your computer.

Once you have the Components utility installed and started, go to open bank and select the “.sys file” from the soundset – which you want to load into your Peak. Click “send to Peak” and the utility will send the presets into your synthesizer.


Be careful you’re not writing over an important bank, if you’ve already used all 4 slots with your own sounds then make sure to save them to PC first. That way you don’t lose them. Always backup before losing sounds!

Additional Information

In most cases our products (e.g. soundsets and presets packs) contain a detailed installation guide, if the presets based on the synthesizer, need to be placed in specific folders and of course, which version of the specific synthesizer is required to use the soundset files. Otherwise, the developer`s manual of the synthesizer always shows how it`s own preset handling works and can be used.

If you have any question left or additional help and support needed, feel free to contact us via our contact form or via our support forum on KVR.