Black Octopus – Ill-Esha Intonations

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If you purchase this product you will earn 219-504 Reward Points worth 2.19 -5.04 ! (User Account login required)


ill-esha arrives with ‘Intonations”, a truly groundbreaking & innovative vocal pack for all styles of music!

This MONSTER 5GB+ pack is one of a kind that is sure to inspire you in your music productions for many years to come. Pop, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, Hip Hop, you name it. It’s all possible with this pack!

Inside you will find a huge selection of high quality full song stems, phrases,vocal FX, tuned vocals, adlibs, atmospheres, phrases, tones, vocal drum hits, spoken word (DJ terms, worldwide memes, human noises, common phrases, words, numbers, and a computer spaceship), and Serum wavetables, plus so much more. All sounds are tempo & key labelled, and reference MIDI chords have also been supplied to ensure the best possible user experience. ill-esha has also included lyrics sheets, and other useful information on all aspects of her stunning work with “Intonations”.

If all of this wasn’t enough to get your mouth watering; there is also Custom Presets for Ableton Sampler, EXS Sampler, Kontakt and Serum, as well as custom skins for Serum & Kontakt.

The extras in this pack are a sound designers paradise, it is just down right insane how creative you can get with this pack. Remix the full songs into your own productions, chop and slice up the phrases, or use one of the many hundreds of extras as fuel for creating many new and creative vocal fx and textures. The content certain to make it into many of your future productions for years to come – it’s a timeless pack!

Whether you are looking for intimate tones and vocals for Techno or Ambient Music, full on pitched and auto-tuned styles for Pop, vocal drums hits for Hip Hop, Dubstep or Glitch Hop (to name a few); its all here and ready at your finger tips.

Grab the pack today and get started on your next HIT with ill-esha and her blazing pack ‘Intonations”!

– 12 Full Unreleased Songs as Stems
– 75 Ad Libs
– 10 Atmospheres
– 24 FX (Swells and Builds)
– 95 Loops (Chops, Glitches, FX)
– 289 Phrases (Harmony, Wordless, Wordy)
– 223 Spoken Words
– 408 Tones (4 songs Broken into AH, MM, OH, OO all at different key)
– 122 Vocal Drum Hits (Cymbals, Foley, FX, Kicks, Grooves, Percussion, Snares)
– 20 Serum Presets
– 25 Wavetables for Xfer Serum
– Custom Kontakt Instruments
– 16 Ableton Sampler Presets
– 17 EXS Sampler Presets

24-bit WAV Stereo
Xfer Serum Presets
various Sampler Formats

Availabe Order Options:
Full Package
Songs only (Songs, Phrases, Adlibs)
Serum Vocal only (Serum Presets, FX, Tones, EXS & Kontakt)

More details from ill-esha on what you get inside:
– Twelve full unreleased songs, separated in various stems;
– Random phrases, adlibs and slides recorded in A, B, C, D, E, F, and G minor (at 120 BPM). Some are lyrical, some are wordless, and some are done through various vocoder/harmonic effects.
– Ten longer atmospheres, long and continuous sonic layers of processed vocal tones, in various keys;
– Swells, glitchy builds, and other miscellaneous effects;
– Spoken phrases including useful DJ terms, worldwide memes, human noises, common phrases, words and numbers, and a computer spaceship;
– Vocal tones spanning more than two octaves pronouncing four syllables (AH, MM, OO and OH) in three different “character” voices – Breathy, Soulful and Straight.
– Sampler instruments for the EXS 24, Ableton Sampler, and Kontakt Keyswitch, Single and Multi Instruments;
– Drums and percussion made entirely from my mouth;
– Wavetables made from my voice for Serum, and some bonus cool presets co-created with Frost;
– Loops at 100, 120, 140 and 160 BPM, in various keys.

Important License Agreement Notes:
ill-Esha has requested that producers NOT use the name Ill-Esha in the track titles. Producers must produce their own full music backing for these vocals. You may not use the vocals as is, without using your own production.
Vocals may be used royalty free in commercial productions.
The demo track is composed entirely of sounds included in the pack.

Additional Media

Artist & Press Reviews

Soundbytes Magazine
Intonations by ill-esha is a new Black Octopus sample library that is focused on delivering high quality vocal samples for different styles of music. This library weighs in at 5 GB, delivered in 24-bit WAV format, along with software sampler patches for Kontakt, Ableton Sampler and EXS24. 25 custom wavetables and twenty presets for the ubiquitous Xfer Serum synthesizer are also included, and that’s just for starters. Inside you’ll find ready-to-go full song stems, phrases, vocal FX, tuned vocals, adlibs, atmospheres, phrases, tones, vocal drum hits, spoken word and other noises. ill-esha’s voice is powerful and off the charts. In her performance, she has total control of her vocal cords, without crackling. Intonations is massive library full of useable samples, especially the ones that were processed with vocoder/harmonic effects. If you like creative vocal FX and textures you’re in for a treat as this has some fine FX included. Like many of Black Octopus’ library release, the production is top notch with many tricks in the bag. Thumbs up!

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