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SOR – Kick Free Revolution Bundle

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Welcome to the mighty SOR Kick Free Revolution Bundle by Sounds of Revolution distributed by Resonance Sound.

Your chance to get over 1900 highly creative and inspiring kick free drum loops suitable for Deep & Tech House, Minimal and Techno for a no-brainer discount of over 55% OFF! As a bonus you get >70 kick of the very best, finely honed kicks – all sculpted and maximised to work with the tops.

This premium collection is awarded by artists like DJ Tiesto, Adam Beyer, Funkagenda, Jason Nevins, Tom Middleton, Jonathan Grant (Above & Beyond) to name a few, next to amazing reviews from Music Tech Magazine, Computer Music UK, Future Music and many others.

You get unique kick-free material painstakingly crafted from scratch and exclusively for this sample treasure chest and does not contain any loveless low-cutted material. This collection of Sounds of Revolution contains one of the tightest, funkiest and most detailed kick free loops available.

The SOR Kick Free Revolution Bundle is incredibly versatile and useful. It does not only leave enough space for your own creativity, but will even encourage it!


  • Save over 55% to single purchase!
  • 5,8 GB Content
  • 1907 kick free drum loops
  • 70 bonus kickdrums
  • suitable for house, deep & tech, minimal and techno


  • 24-bit WAV Stereo
  • (partly AppleLoops & REX)

What`s in the bundle?

SOR – Kick Free Revolution Vol.1
The name says it all! If you´re in search for state-of-the-art loops to boost your productions, here´s the place to discover – SOR Kick Free Revolution Vol.1!
This library is power-packed with almost 700 unique kick-free material painstakingly crafted from scratch and exclusively for this sample treasure chest and does not contain any loveless low-cutted material.
Furthermore the majority of loops, deliberately left without characteristic snares and heavy processing, come as construction kits that build up step by step, which makes “Kick-Free Revolution” highly fashionable for both studio and live work and perfectly suitable for the production of almost any genre of electronic music.
This collection, universally produced on 127bpm and divided into categories “Experimental”,”Main” and “Perc Loops”, does not only leave enough space for your own creativity, but will even encourage it!

SOR – Kick Free Revolution Vol.2
This collection is loaded with 530+ of the tightest, funkiest, most detailed top kick free drum loops for any genre of house. Produced at 127bpm for ultimate ease plus 70 bonus deep, round kicks to fill out the bottom end.
What’s in the collection?
Club and layered loops > 140 definitive big-room bangers, full-on club workouts: just add a kick and spin.
Clicks, detail and glitch > 100+ minimal-infused toplines, glitched speaker-tweakers and click loops, many with variants for added flexibility.
Rough & FX loops > 77 rough, raw, nu-rave inspired bin-drivers featuring bit-crushed beats and dirty musik-cuts.
Hat loops > 77 pared-down, stripped hat loops, featuring the best in 8ths, 16ths, straight and swinging pure hat lines.
Tonal loops > 52 melodic beatlines featuring toms, claves and more.
Percussive and tribal loops > 80+ afro-tribal perc. grooves and deep ensembles – tweaked for maximum sonic integrity.
Bonus kick drums > 70 of the very best, finely honed kicks – all sculpted and maximised to work with the tops.

SOR – Kick Free Revolution Vol.3
There’s not a single doubt producers all over the world have been waiting for this: After the huge success of the Kick Free Series so far, Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution listened once more to the needs of the music producers resulting in this fine collection of carefully crafted drum loops.
Distributed through new label Resonance Sound, they take great care of what “cool drumming” is all about:
777 drum loops (!) – fx, hihat, tonal and percussion loops are both inspiring as such and leaving plenty of space for your creativity at the same time. Dedust your conventions, kickstart your signature sound with this fresh groove collection!


Full Package (5,8 GB Content) Bundle Price: 49,95 € (over 55% DISCOUNT)
Regular Price: 114,85 €


MP3 #1 MP3 #2 MP3 #3




Sounds of Revolution - Kick Free Revolution Vol.3
Sounds of Revolution - Kick Free Revolution Vol.3 - Shabu Vibes Demo

Free Demo Samples




RW Tiesto 102DJ Tiesto:
This library is unique in it’s contents, because it’s programmed with kicks which were taken out later. So they are built to work with big kicks! Not just cut loops to create room for a kick. Now that’s the kind of hard work we like to hear!
RW Adam Beyer 102Adam Beyer:
Very well put togheter collection of usable loops, will defenatly incoporate some of them in my production!
RW Jason Nevins 102Jason Nevins:
The minute I got my hands on the SOR series – I put the sounds & drum loops to work in all my productions and big name remixes.
RW Funkagenda 102Funkagenda:
Loving your latest sample collection KFR1 ! Loads of usable stuff… Will deffo be using for my forthcoming live set up!
RW Kiko 102Kiko:
KFR 1 is the best sounding drum loops libraries I have ever encountered. the most inspiring loops ever.
RW Jonathan Grant 102Jonathan Grant (Above & Beyond):
The DVD KICK FREE Revolution is essential – what’s great is the material sounds very fresh. We’re already using this in our productions, and it’s very easy to drop them into apple loops and get working straight away!
RW Stefan Bodzin 102Stefan Bodzin:
All the stuff beyond the kick is to find here!! up2date-loops that will push your production to the pro-level. innovative ideas & a very sophisticated sound-desing make this one a secret weapon 😉 TIP
RW-Timo-Maas-102Timo Maas:
Very complex grooves and well constructions. The sounds are unique.
RW Tiefschwarz Sante 102Tiefschwarz + Santé:
You really get inspired by the grooves. It´s a high quality production, it dosn´t matter what style you like, techno or house etc.., it´s perfect to get a new idea.
RW Tanzmann 102Matthias Tanzmann:
SOR delivers nice grooves and interesting sound elements in a very good quality. I already chopped me some slices for my productions.
RW Dash Berlin 102Dash Berlin:
KICK FREE Revolution Vol. 1″ is a well-constructed and innovative collection of usable and inspirational samples by German producer Oliver Schmitt. It’s fresh and original. Highly recommended!
RW Daniel Wanrooy 102Daniel Wanrooy:
Great samples, really different than the other sample packs, I use them in most of my tracks! Definitely recommended…
RW Enersto Bastian 102Ernesto vs. Bastian:
…the sample packages are unbelievable usable! Recommended! 5 STARS!
RW Future Music 102Future Music UK:
[…] suitable for producers of just about any kind of House or Techno […] fantastically versatile sounds… Rating: 9/10
RW Computer Music 102Computer Music UK:
It is highly usable… Rating: 8/10
RW Logic User 102Logic User:
In my opinion the best ‘No Kick Sample CD 2009′.
RW Amazona 102Amazona.de:
nice synthetic sounding […] immense groovy […] very varied […] absolut inspiring and a must buy!
RW Sound&Recording 102Sound & Recording Magazine Germany:
Kick Free ist jedenfalls sexy: Dance-orientiert, rhythmisch und inspirierend. […] Eine echte Empfehlung!
RW Keys 102Keys Magazine Germany:
Kick Free Vol. 1 widmet sich nur einem Thema, dafür aber mit großer Aufmerksamkeit. Diese Fundgrube ist eine echte Empfehlung.
RW Recording-de 102Recording.de:
Der Untertitel verspricht, dass es sich um “Unique Loops by Oliver Schmitt” handelt. Das ist mittlerweile schon fast ein Gütesiegel in der Branche […] Einmal mehr stellt Oliver Schmitt unter Beweis, worin seine Leidenschaft liegt: Im programmieren von Loops.
RW Wusik 102Wusik Sound Magazine:
It’s intended to give producers a mix and match option for building new and unique drum patterns. […] superbly programmed with many usable sounds.


RW Tiesto 102DJ Tiesto:
An excellent follow up of the Kick Free Volume 1 set. Easy to fit in any production because it has everything ranging from tight and dry hihat loops to creative beats with effects, clicks, percussive sounds and extreme beats.
RW Lützenkirchen 102Lützenkirchen:
I think the whole SOR series are a grail of good stuff actually useful to find their way in real records. The amount of useful one shot samples that I got out of this series is massive. And I absolutely love the experimental section.
RW Tom Middleton 102Tom Middleton:
If you’re making House/Tech grooves, then Oliver’s pack of pristine, swinging kick-less starting points and groove enhancers will set you up for months, if not years! Fantastic value as per usual, with nearly 1 and a half Gigs of diverse ‘tops’ across the spectrum from tribal to glitchy/minal electronic styles. Plus 70 solid Kicks to add..never seem to get enough Kicks right(!) All in all, gets a massive ‘LIKE’ from me. Rating: 10/10
RW Josh Gallahan 102Josh Gallahan:
In my opinion, KFR2 is the most unique and inspiring loop sample bank since years. It has lots of brilliant filler loops, percussions and extraordinary samples. This guarantees a very fast and creative workflow. And the quality of the sounds is an own state of the art. Can’t wait for Vol. 3! btw: I love apple loops 🙂 5* of 5*
RW Enersto Bastian 102Ernesto vs. Bastian:
…the sample packages are unbelievable usable! Recommended! 5 STARS!
RW Inland Knights 102Inland Knights:
Another fine sample pack!…..Great selection of loops and hits here..guaranteed to work with many ganres! Rating: 8/10
RW Woody van Eyden 102Woody Van Eyden:
The sample packs and soundsets of “Sounds of Revolution” are a MUST have for any producer looking for quality production material. They totally hit my creativity spot and I already have my favorite sounds and loops after just skipping through the libraries a few minutes. These will find their way into my productions for sure!
RW Computer Music 102Computer Music UK:
SOR’s Oliver Schmitt returns with another impeccable pack for dance musicians. […] The superior production quality means that you’ll be satisfied even if you just grab a short section of each loop. Rating: 9/10
RW Plughugger 102Plughugger:
The highlights of this collection is when Oliver Schmitt is exploring minimalistic grooves and is playing around with odd time signatures – that’s when you forget that you’re listening to a sample library and start producing just by sheer pleasure.
RW Sound&Gear 102Sound and Gear:
If I had to choose one word, it would be “groove” […] Well recorded, well produced and just plain fun to play.
RW Future Music 102Future Music UK:
Reviewers favourite Olli Schmitt and his Sound of Revolution label return with volume two of Kick Free Revolution, 600+ drum loops of tight tops at 127bpm. […] it looks like Mr Schmitt has produced another gem. Rating: 9/10
RW Audio-Desk 102Audio Desk:
You get top-notch quality, huge variety and usability ‘Sounds of Revolution’ has proven once more why their products are one of the best out there. Rating: 94%
RW Logic User 102Logic User:
Wirklich einzigartig […] völlig neu produzierte und wirklich innovative Loops, wie man Sie bei keinem anderen Anbieter findet. […] Meiner Meinung nach die besten Kick Free Loops 2010. Rating: 10/10
RW Recording-de 102Recording.de:
…zu einem Preis, der wirklich absolut konkurrenzlos ist. Wer hier nicht zugreift, ist selber Schuld. Rating: Redaktionstipp
RW Apfelwahn 102Apfelwahn Music:
Mit Kick Free Vol. 2 hat man in Windeseile einen komplexen Groove bis hin zu einem Arrangement zusammengebastelt […] Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Libraries gibt es keine Ausrutscher: Alle Loops und Samples sind durchgängig sehr sorgfältig erstellt und das Ergebnis minutiöser Detailarbeit. Rating: Testnote 1
RW Wusik 102Wusik Sound Magazine:
They say that sequels are supposed to be better than the original, and Vol. 2 delivers. Although both libraries are kind of pricey, they are superbly programmed with many usable sounds.


RW Computer Music 102Computer Music UK:
It’s quality stuff, and while there are no surpises, there are some solid drum loops; especially in the melodic section where things get a little more interesting thanks to some pitch touches that add inspirtation to the otherwhise fairly dry material. Rating: 8/10
RW Plughugger 102Plughugger:
If you are after the kind of sounds that will help you concur the charts of modern trance pop, this is probably too advanced for your audience. Rating: “Get it now” Award
RW Waveformless 102Waveformless:
It’s a fun collection to audition drum loops from because you’re never quite sure what the next loop is going to sound and feel like. This makes it very easy to recommend to musicians looking to add a little inspiration to their drum tracks. Rating: 9/10
License Agreement
License Agreement
The contents of this download are licensed, not sold to you by Resonance-Sound. Ownership remains with Resonance-Sound. Copying, duplication, lending, re-selling or trading of this product or the content in whole or as part are strictly prohibited. Only the original purchaser of this product has the right to embody and reproduce the enclosed content within their commercial and non commercial music/multimedia production - royalty free. The non-exclusive license is granted for a single user only on a worldwide basis for the full copyright protection period and is not transferable. You are not allowed to electronically transfer the content or place them in a time/file-sharing or public computer network. All rights of the producer and the owner of the work are reserved. Unauthorised duplication of this download is a violation of applicable laws. Because of the worldwide use of our products, Resonance Sound is not responsible for any type of conflicts between music labels concerning using the same sounds/samples or loops. Resonance-Sound is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequential loss arising from the use of this product in whatever form. The usage of our products (in particular samples, loops and patches) for the creation of competitive products like a sound library or as a sound library for any kind of synthesizer, virtual instrument, sample-based product, sample library or any other musical instrument is strictly prohibited. Free Demo Samples/Sounds: You can use them in your commercial & non commercial music production - royalty free.
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