RESONANCE SOUND is a download resource and managed by the award-winning sound design companies SOUNDS OF REVOLUTION (SOR) and CFA-SOUND. Both came together to combine their knowledge for creating the most up-to-date sample packs, soundsets and virtual instruments. Their passion is all kinds of electronic dance music! Got any questions about our work, or about sampling/sound design in general? We truly care about your musical needs. View all Resonance Sound Products

What Artists and Press say about the products:

music producer rundmcJason Nevins:
Excellent noisy, dirty, hard sounds for Spire. These sound different than many big synths on the market. [..] The quality of the sound that comes from the Spire is very thick and full of body. Great variety in sounds- this is an excellent set for an excellent synth. Rating: 10/10

house producersCutline:
As the vintage Ronseal advert says “it does what it says on the tin.” Here Resonance Sound give you a chunky pack filled with vintage movie samples that instantly conjour up the golden era of the big screen and will add some instant old skool sampler style sheen to your tunes. Rating: 10/10

house music producerKeith Shocklee:
Vintage Movie Vocals 2 by Resonance Sound brings you the madness to your method. Dj’s and producers will know exactly what to do with this pack. So have fun and create great skits! Rating: 10/10

Sound on Sound MagazineSound On Sound:
In summary, this is a great product that seems well worth the asking price, and if you find you want more of the same, volumes 2 and 3 are available too. Rating: 4/5

Sound Packs

female vocals for music production
bundle of old vintage movie vocals
psytrance loops and samples created by datacult
collection of deep house midi melodies for music production
old movie vocal cuts for hip hop and techno