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Accusonus has announced the release of a brand-new vocal effect plugin – Voice Changer!

Transform regular voices into any character you can imagine. Advance your dialogue into new scenarios, with creative environments and voice effects. A quick, simple, but powerful voice modifier.

Character – Your content portrays a ton of varying characters, who need varying voices. From epic movie trailer tones to subtle whispering, evil AI voices to baby robots. An alien, a dragon, a monster, a ghost, a giant… Quickly modify your voice, and create anime voice filters or scary voices. Use vocoder effects and morph your character into a robot, a girl, a man, a woman, a baby or anything you want. Start off by altering our presets, or dive straight in and create your own character’s sound.

Effect – When your mic meets the accusonus Voice Changer, it can be any device you want. Emulate old-timey news broadcasts, car radios, walkie-talkie chatter – any voice filter you want. Simulate sound from a range of mediums, including a VHS tape, megaphone, CB radio, and phone.

Environment – Leap out of your office or studio setup, and lay out a virtual landscape behind your voice. Recording inside a cave, crypt or canyon used to be tricky, but not now. Stadiums, airports, bathrooms, cathedrals… Even mountain echo sounds. You can ‘Record’ anywhere, from home!

Combine and tune these 3 voice modifiers: character, effect, environment. Design your own voice effect presets, or explore Voice Changer’s comprehensive preset catalogue to find quick solutions for common sound design problems. Make your track sound like a 90s video tape, an airport announcement, a crowd megaphone, a kitchen radio, a living room TV and beyond. Emulate a dialogue from the next door apartment, a phone call, or explore fantasy and robot preset sounds.

System requirements:

OS Versions: 10.15, 11 (Intel only)
Plugin Formats: AU, VST, AAX Native

OS Versions: 10 (1909 or later)
Plugin Formats: VST (64-bit), AAX Native

All infos:

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