VCV Rack 2 modular software released

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The well-known modular software as received a massive overhaul and new features – VCV Rack 2.

After 2 years of development, the latest major update of the virtual Eurorack platform VCV Rack is here. Rack gives you the full flexibility of a Eurorack modular synthesizer with the convenience and portability of DAW software.

  • Dark room mode to save your eyes at night with adjustable room brightness.
  • Module selections to save, share, edit, and move around selections of modules. (New .vcvs selection format.)
  • Enhanced module browser to zoom, favorite, and sort your module collection.
  • Redesigned UI and built-in modules.
  • Port tooltips, context menu, and key commands for faster control of patch cables.
  • Optimized real-time engine with multiple audio interface support (if supported by manufacturers’ drivers).
  • Add/remove individual modules from the VCV Library to fine-tune your module collection.
  • Many more additions and improvements.

VCV Rack 2 is available as free (standalone application). And Pro version, which includes a VST plugin for full integration into your DAW .

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