ROLI announces Seaboard RISE 2 next-gen MPE controller

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ROLI has announced the launched of their refined keyboard controller – Seaboard RISE 2, to offer the next generation MPE controller for musicians and producers.

Discover infinite possibilities with Seaboard RISE 2, a keyboard designed for limitless exploration of sound. Re-engineered from the multi-award-winning original to be more intuitive and powerful than ever before, RISE 2 is the new pinnacle of musical expression.

Includes software and sounds to bring your music to life — worth €308:

  • Critically-acclaimed Equator2 synth
  • ROLI Studio
  • 1400+ world-class presets
  • Ableton Live Lite for your productions

Every Seaboard performance is entirely unique. Express yourself effortlessly in the moment with organic gestures and enjoy all the inspiring immediacy of an acoustic instrument. How you make music will never be the same.

On a piano keyboard you control sound in just one way: the force of strike on each key. On the soft, silicone surface of Seaboard RISE 2, you’ll shape sound with 5 intuitive movements.

Play with confidence on a tactile, continuous 49-key surface designed for complete self-expression.

More accessible to keyboard players than ever before, the Keywave2 design refines the revolutionary shape of the original Seaboard surface with wider keys and honed edges. Embossed ridges let you accurately feel every key — and feel your music.

About the included Equator2
Built from the ground up to be the voice of the Seaboard, Equator2 is the world’s leading MPE synth with the power to generate any sound you could imagine — and even some you can’t! From cutting-edge modulation tools to stacks of effects slots, this synth has all you need to create a modern classic:

– Dynamic sound design tools, including wavetable oscillator, granular engine and FM.
– Multi-sampler for sampling and shaping your own presets.
– Diverse effects racks including filters, reverb, distortion and more.
– Drag-and-drop routing in an intuitive interface that makes sound design accessible to all.

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