News: Analogue Solutions Treadstone – Mono Synthesizer

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Analogue Solutions Treadstone is a new upcoming “synthBocks” Mono Synthesizer for laptop and audio plugin focused musicians looking for analog and hands on hardware in their setup.

Treadstone treads far from carefully, but boldly goes where few analogue synthesizers dare to win… with an all-analogue audio path and modulation circuits based on superior-sounding designs dating back to the mid-Seventies, so no CPU (Central Processing Unit) stabilised and quantised circuits, no DCOs (Digitally-Controlled Oscillators), and no digital EGs (Envelope Generators), as are often found on other ‘all-analogue’ affairs. Analogue as in really analogue — aside from the MIDI-to-CV circuit (which, by its very nature, must include a digital element) — in other words.

  • Full rugged steel/aluminium case – no plastic mouldings.
  • Good quality smooth, fully sealed against dust.
  • Good quality knobs with spun aluminium caps.
  • High grade double sided circuit board.
  • Analogue discrete VCO, analogue SSM style 24db filter.
  • High Quality 16bit DAC for MIDI-CV conversion Stable MIDI to CV.
  • MIDI converter.
  • MIDI loop sequencer.
  • LFO, Noise, Sub Osc, EG, PWM, lofi digital echo.
  • Analogue voice and modulation circuits.
  • Stable analogue oscillator.
  • Designed, built, tested and assembled in the UK.
  • True retro analogue voice and modulation circuits used in the synth element to give an authentic retro.
  • Real solid wood (not ply!)
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