News: Moog brings back Moog Synthesizer IIIC (Only 25 Units)

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Moog Music has announced the return of a legend – the Moog Synthesizer IIIc will be produced again but for a limited amount of time and number of units – 25 only.

“Through archival designs, so-called obsolete electronics, and outmoded production processes, we are rediscovering the magic of our past. It’s a privilege to build instruments in this way; it lets us reimagine what future tools can be. There is so much potential in this history.” – Anna Montoya, Moog Production Engineer

Every Synthesizer IIIc will be built using all-original documentation, art, and circuit board files. Each instrument features thirty-six hand-stuffed, hand-soldered modules, including ten 901-Series audio oscillators, the 984 Matrix Mixer, and the 905 Spring Reverb. All modules are securely mounted into two hand-finished, solid walnut console cabinets at the Moog factory in Asheville, NC.

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