News: Native Instruments Reaktor Blocks gets new Kodiak Modules

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Native Instruments has announced, with the next major update for its Reaktor Blocks, there will be introduced a new series of modules – the Kodiak Blocks.

These five modules – two innovative sequencers, one oscillator, a morphing filter, and an experimental noise generator – are not modeled on specific hardware. Instead, Kodiak modules combine analog character with digital power.

Now for Native Instruments Reaktor – Blocks 1.3 also includes five completely new ensembles built around the new Kodiak modules – each effectively a brand new synth. The ensembles feature 195+ expertly crafted and inspirational presets, showcasing the analog soul and digital brain of the Kodiak family.

  • Duality Osc: A powerful wave-shaping dual oscillator offering phase, frequency, amplitude, and timbre modulation. Ideal for growling basses, vibrant leads, and rich percussion.
  • Shift Sequencer: With independent sequence-length and direction controls for pitch, octave, velocity, hold, and gate, this unconventional step sequencer makes polyrhythmic sequencing easy.
  • Curve Sequencer: Unashamedly inspired by MASSIVE’s Performer, Curve Sequencer offers complex stepped modulation – perfect for electronic music styles.
  • Morph Filter: An instantly loveable resonant filter bank designed to morph between settings for vowel sounds, chords, or pinged percussion. Perfect for making anything sound like daft funk.
  • Flip Gen: A versatile tone generator and noise source that’s great for bleepy sequences, bell-like FM, morse, pitched noise, crackly textures, and more.
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