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With the release of SKYLIFE WaveRobot 5 there is a new and very helpful tool for graphical looping and transient finding available now as Standalone version, especially for sample and sound designers.

Music producers, sound library developers and beat makers work with loops on a daily base. Finding perfect and inaudible loops is a challenging task that can eat up a lot of creative time. This is where WaveRobot kicks in. After loading a sample or beat the Auto-Search function will instantly deliver the five best results for looping the audio file. After export one can use the loop in any other audio application since all edits like auto-gain crossfades are rendered.

There is even a backward-forward loop with 2 crossfades available to loop sounds that alter in level over time. This function can be used to produce cool drones and unheard beats. WaveRobot can also export the loop-only section of a sample making it an ideal partner when creating loop-based content for e.g. Ableton’s Live.

WaveRobot offers special graphical features to speed up the workflow. There is a high-speed zoom to sample level, loop and stereo waveform overlay views, markers that snap to zero crossings and a beat and tempo display. When changing loop markers one can lock tempo or the number of beats to see in realtime how changing the loop length will affect tempo and metrum.

Roughly edited samples (even with little background noise) can be truncated precisely with WaveRobot’s Auto-Note feature that detects the sound transients and chops off all unwanted silence automatically.

  • Sophisticated loop searching based on editable search markers.
  • Automatic transient recognition for truncating of samples.
  • Direct playback of the 5 best loop search results.
  • Graphical loop overlay for visual loop editing.
  • Supersize WaveRobot window (up to 3200 x 2000 pixels).
  • Export full samples or just the loops in WAV or AIFF format.
  • Realtime BPM and Beats display while loop editing.
  • Silence markers for noise threshold definition.
  • Fast zooming from sample level to wave overview.
  • Marker auto-snap to zero-crossings.
  • Loop modes: x-fade and backward-forward with 2 crossfades.
  • Many Autogain crossfade types like lin, log, exp, sin.
  • Pristine rendering of crossfades and backward-forward loops.
  • Overlay of left and right waveforms to see zero crossings.
  • Automatic loop click and pop reduction.
  • Includes new premium multisamples in Soundfont2 format.
  • Optimized graphical user interface.
  • Compatible with Mac OS Sierra and Windows 10.
  • Batch edit functionality in conjunction with SampleRobot.

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