Video: Bastl Instruments Cuckoo Documentary 2017

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For all fans of modular synthesis and euroracks, this could be very interesting for you. The artist Cuckoomusic has released a documentary about Bastl Instruments – for many eurorack enthusiasts it`s a sure well-known brand name. The documentary gives you some interesting insights on the founding of Bastl Instruments, the person behind it, the way they create and produce their products and modules.

About Bastl instruments (est.2013) – it`s a community driven company with main focus in development and production of electronic musical instruments which range from pocket sized sound boxes or utilities to fully featured modular synthesizer systems. Several other community projects take place such as organizing music related events, coffee roasting facility, music labels, educational videos, workshops or even clothing production. Everything is produced in Brno, Czech republic and most of the components are produced in the house or sourced from local companies and distributors. Since 2016 we collaborate with Peter Edwards of Casper electronics. Closely related bussinesses are synthesizer stores and detective squad.
We are diverse group of people, but we all share passion for music! We run music labels NONA Records and Bükko Tapes. We make 2 different monthly events in our neighbourhoods Bastl Jam and Rise Above.

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